II Jornadas Técnicas Mercado de Trabajo en Europa

Referencia: EURES REN/16746


Descripción del puesto:

You will join our Research Team on the EU funded GHG-Europe project, which aims to improve our understanding and capacity for predicting the European terrestrial carbon and greenhouse gas GHG budget by applying a systematic, comprehensive and integrative approach. GHG-Europe quantifies the annual to decadal variability of the carbon and GHG budgets of. terrestrial ecosystems in EU27 plus Switzerland and in six data-rich European regions via data-model integration, diagnostic and predictive modelling. Models are calibrated by multi-site observations. Research includes CO2, CH4 and N2O in forests, croplands, grasslands, shrublands, peatlands and soils. The team will be considering Ecosystem modelling as well as looking into attribute observed and projected changes in European greenhouse gases to direct human, indirect and natural causes.. Apply online at www.abdn.ac.uk jobs or you may request a pack by emailing your contact details to jobsabdn.ac.uk or by telephoning 01224 272727.. Pension: No details held.


Minimum 22 degree or equivalent. Also looking candidates who have recently gained or studying towards a PhD or other higher degree in a research field



GBP 29,853 - GBP 32,646 PER ANNUM

Plazo de Solicitud:

16 de Abril de 2010

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